Sunday, March 2, 2014

Blame It On The Ghost Boy

Today, the air conditioning in the Zumba room wasn’t working. I blame it on the ghost boy that supposedly haunts the gym. I’ve never seen him, but I know people who have encountered him. My friend heard him and felt him walk up behind her in that very room when she was alone late at night.

I’m not afraid of him and don’t have a reason to be afraid. This lack of fear or any feeling that he is present leaves me skeptical, although I do believe some of the stories people have told me about him.

I’ve heard that ghosts are responsible for a lot of plumbing and electrical problems in a building that is haunted. Our gym has A LOT of those problems.

  • The water pressure goes from strong to a trickle in the shower? Blame it on the ghost boy.

  • The shower water goes from very hot to very cold in a matter of seconds? Blame it on the ghost boy.

  • The electricity goes off in the building? The power lines snap apart outside? Blame it on the ghost boy.

  • There is a smell of smoke when there is no fire anywhere? Blame it on the ghost boy.

So, I leave my complaints at the front desk, but secretly blame it all on the ghost boy.


  1. Glad that I found this blog through Blog Her. I too, am very interested in the paranormal.

    1. Great! I'm glad to have you. It's hard to talk to people about the paranormal. They usually think I'm weird or get scared hearing the stories.