Sunday, March 23, 2014

A Typewriter In A Museum?

While I was at a museum with my husband and kids, my son Bodhi said, “Oh, look Mom! It’s one of those things!” He pointed at something in a case. It was a typewriter.  Not an electric one. A manual one. After my initial shock, I laughed out loud. I said (very softly), “Yeah, I learned to type on a manual typewriter.”

It’s so weird to grow old and hear things like that because you don’t realize how quickly time has slipped by you. I mean, I never thought I'd see a typewriter in a museum.

I remember when Bodhi pointed to a car from the 1970s and had the same reaction as he had with the typewriter. He pointed to it and said, “Look, Mom! An old fashioned car!” I said, “That’s not an old fashioned…wait a minute, I guess it is old fashioned, huh?” Weird. Just weird.

I guess to kids all adults are old. Bodhi said one day, “Mom, did you know that Jimmy Character…” I said, “Do you mean Jimmy Carter?” He said, “Oh. Jimmy Carter. Did you know he was born in 1901 and he’s still alive today?” I laughed and said, “What?!” Jimmy Carter might be old, but not that old.” I looked it up and found that Jimmy Carter will be 90 years old this year.

To a kid, 60, 90, or 113 years old might as well be the same age. 

People and things get old. Everything. We can't stop it. 

I wondered if people would actually be put in a museum some day, too and I realized it has already happened. They're called mummies.

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  1. You know what gets me? Kids knowing almost instantly how to use 'touch screen' technology (ipads and the like) after only having them for mere minutes. It takes me much longer to figure out the ins and outs of technology and kids can do it in a second now!