Saturday, March 1, 2014

A Surprise Under the Hood of My Car

I went to get a smog check today and had a surprise. The mechanic called me over and showed me what he found under the hood. It was a good sized bird’s nest. There were no birds or eggs in it, thank God. He said it was the biggest nest he had ever seen in a car. He found a dead cat under the hood of someone else’s car once.

The mechanic said the car must’ve been sitting there for a while. Now that was embarrassing because I hadn’t used my car for a long time. My husband usually drives the family around.

The mechanic said, “You have a lot of cleaning to do,” and patted me on the back. He said it as if it was my house I needed to clean. I wasn’t sure whether or not to take offense to that.

Anyway, my husband said he would clean it and my car passed the smog check, so I was happy.

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