Monday, February 17, 2014

The Shit Outline

I found the following outline a while back on the National Novel Writing Month web site. It was posted by Chris Carlisle. I thought it was very clever and funny.

The Shit Outline

Act 1: The Shit
Part 1: The Shit is Alluded to
Part 2: The Shit is Presented
Part 3: The Shit is Tossed

Act 2: The Fan
Part 1: The shit trajectory is determined to be heading for the fan.
Part 2: Main characters do their best to prevent the eventual collision of Shit and Fan
Part 3: Despite their best efforts, Shit meets Fan

Act 3: The Mess
Part 1: Fallout as the result of shit hitting the fan
Part 2: Efforts are made to prevent more shit from hitting the fan as the blade still sends shit particles all over everything
Part 3: The shit gets cleaned up

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