Thursday, February 13, 2014

Perverse Possessed Doll for sale on eBay

I heard about this possessed doll that is or was for sale on eBay. It sounds so creepy! If you want to see a picture of the doll, see the eBay listing:

Here is what is written in the listing:

**Up for sale again! Winning bidder backed out, doll is too much for him!** *WARNING EXTREMELY NEGATIVE DOLL POSSESSED BY SEXUALLY SADISTIC DEMON!***
This doll is certainly not for the beginner or casual collector. Experienced, adult collectors only please. She is one of a group of dolls I got from an estate sale of a woman who worked in the children's ward at the Pennhurst Asylum, in Pensilvania. The woman's name was Iva, she worked at Pennhurst for 6 years, clear up until its doors were permanently closed in 1987. She left a journal depicting many of the horrors these kids suffered on a daily basis. When the hospital was closed, many employees took property with them. Iva chose to take several of the tattered dolls that were used to placate the poor kids. For some years, Iva kept the dolls in a box in her attic. After her dream house was built, she decided to put the dolls on display. This turned out to be a huge mistake. This is definitely the worst dolls of the bunch. She is very actively haunted doll, possessed by what I believe to be a male demon. The dolls eyes follow you no matter where you are. She will switch position to continue watching you whenever you are in the room. She moves from where she is left, often ending up wherever you are. She is constantly nude by her own doing. No matter how many times you put her dress back on, the next thing you know, it's laying at her feet.
At night, you will hear her running around the house, getting into things, accompanied by the most disgusting male laughter. This doll gives off very nasty vibes that are felt by anyone near her. She is sexually abusive to the other dolls I have. Very sexually sadistic nature, and unfortunately, not only to the dolls... I am willing to give full disclosure of the sexual nature to the winner of this doll. Please think it over fully before bidding, be sure you can handle whatever may happen, as I will not take her back! Be at least 18 years of age, and experienced in dealing with these kinds of possessions.


  1. Why would someone want to buy that?! I totally get adopting a haunted doll, but not something described like that one!


  2. Apparently it sold for a lot of money. I wouldn't want a haunted doll of any sort. It looks so harmless, too.