Thursday, February 27, 2014

Kaleo and the Canes

My son, Kaleo, has a fascination with canes. When he was around 5 years old, he saw my 80 year old aunties walking with canes at a family party. As soon as he saw the canes, he said, "Oh, cool! I want one!" I had to explain to him (quietly) that some older people or people who have problems walking have to use canes to help them walk. One of my aunties graciously let him try hers out. He still thought it was cool.

A couple of years later, while we were at the pharmacy waiting for a prescription, he spotted a variety of canes on display. His face lit up when he saw them. He pointed at them and said, "Look! Oh, wow! Can I try one?" Since we had nothing else to do but wait and since there was no one around, I said, "Okay, but be careful not to damage them. Other people might want to buy them." So, I stood there watching him try out a fancy blue one with 4 supports on the end. It was too tall for him, just under his shoulder height, but he happily leaned against it and tried to walk. A tall, athletic black guy came around the bend and did a double take when he saw Kaleo trying out the cane. He laughed and kept walking. I laughed, too, but I was embarrassed and told Kaleo that was enough trying out the cane.

More years have passed, but just after this past Christmas, he said to me, "When I get old, I'm going to have 2 canes. One will be brown. The other will be red and I'll make it look like a candy cane." I said, "Yeah, that actually will be cool."

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