Thursday, February 13, 2014

International Book Giving Day - Feb. 14, 2014

Tomorrow is International Book Giving Day! To find out more about it, go to
It just so happens that I gave a couple of books to my friend's teen daughter yesterday, so I guess I already participated without knowing it.
On that web site there is a link to Books For Africa which is an organization I have never heard of before today. Now I know where I can donate my books whenever I am done with them. They even accept French books. I have some French books, but I am unwilling to part with some of them. I wonder if they take graphic novels like Agathe Saugrenu: Je Suis Un Monstre (I am a monster) lol. I'm not sure how that will help Africa. I love the drawings so much in them, though that I might not part with it.
They don't accept books with words like "murder" or "kill" or "die" in the title which is understandable with all the violence that is happening in Africa. That means I can't donate my Crimes of Paris book which is so macabre it makes me kind of nauseous. I guess that also rules out La Fabrique de Violence which is basically about bullying and how a guy takes down all the guys that bully him. He seriously kicks ass. There is a Swedish movie about this book called Ondskan. I loved both the book and the movie.
Anyway, if you want to find a place to donate books other than the library, go to the link above. They have a list of organizations where the books can go to a good cause. Also, I think you can write the donations off in your taxes.

As I sometimes do at the end of my posts, I mention the books I'm currently reading. Right now there are a lot. I am reading The 5th Wave, Feast of Fools (Morganville Vampires), Better Nate Than Ever, and Body and Soul (Ghost and the Goth).

I want to mention that I read Sh*t My Dad Says and it was hilarious! Must read if you want to laugh! But warning! there are bad words in it. If that offends you, don't read.

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