Monday, November 18, 2013

House Healing and Possessed Dolls

I had a busy weekend, so I fell behind on my work count. I have to make up about 7000 words. That's like slowly sinking in quicksand, but I still have hope.

I just wanted to post something real quick. I heard that if you want someone to cleanse your house of ghosts, there is a web site called The guy can cleanse your house remotely. I have briefly visited the site, so I don't know for sure if the guy is reputable, but Dave at Darkness Radio recommended it. I'm assuming they checked it out themselves or had many recommendations for this guy.

Well, I need to get back to writing, but I will leave you with that and a couple of images of Robert the Haunted Doll and Annabelle the Haunted Doll. I've mentioned Robert before, but not Annabelle. They are both scary possessed dolls that move around of their own volition.

Robert might be ghost possessed, but I think Annabelle is demon possessed. Robert is in a museum in Key West. I believe Annabelle is with Lorraine Warren or maybe John Zaffis who collects haunted objects.

Sweet dreams.

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