Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Leaving Coast to Coast AM

I have been listening to Coast to Coast AM since 1994. Probably even sooner than that and have been subscribing to the podcast for about ten years. They talk about conspiracies, ghosts, UFOs, health issues, the economy, the mafia, and other things that are outside of the mainstream topics on other radio stations.

It gives me great ideas for books, however in the past few years, it has gotten really boring. The guests are always the same. The old guests that Art Bell used to have on are no longer interviewed. The health and economic topics are useful and interesting for a while, but now they talk about them ad nauseum. I can't take it anymore.

George Noory seems like a kind hearted guy, but he keeps cutting callers off before they have time to finish their interesting story. Sometimes he’s not even listening to them because he’s reading his instant messages. Or, he’ll run out of time for them and say, “Oops, where’d you go?” as if we believe they had a bad connection.  I feel sorry for those people who had to wait an hour to get on the air then get cut off because their story was too long.

It’s such a disappointment to listen to the story (if it’s interesting) and not hear the ending. That’s like reading a suspenseful book where a creature is in the hero's room at night about to rip his throat out and then…aw, the author ran out of paper. Sorry folks. And you’re like, what?! What happened? Very frustrating.

So, after over a decade of being a streamlink member, I’m not renewing my subscription in October. It’s sad to be leaving what I feel like my Coast family, but I’ve thought about it for two years. The show hasn’t changed and I’ve skipped more shows than I actually listen to because of the topics. It costs only 15 cents a day, but that’s 15 cents a day that is wasted if I’m not listening.

I have other podcasts to listen to that are free.

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