Thursday, September 26, 2013


Last weekend we saw a man walking down the street wearing a nice dress, heeled black shoes, and carrying a woman’s purse. This was not in West Hollywood, mind you. It was in Yuppietown Pasadena. Not even the cool part of Pasadena either where it is so crowded that you can only turn right when the light turns yellow. There was only one other guy walking down the sidewalk a block away and no interesting shops around. Having never seen a cross dresser before, my child was shocked.

This guy’s dress was cute, shoes okay, purse not something I would carry, but his head was balding. There was hair on the sides of his head, but not on the top. He had no cute wig on. I mean, come on! At least complete the ensemble with pretty hair! Or wear a nice wide brimmed hat.

He must’ve been a straight guy who likes to wear women’s clothing because I would think a gay man would be conscientious enough to wear a wig.

With what I have seen lately in the news, I thought it was pretty brave of him to walk around like that alone in broad daylight.

But still, the wig. I just can’t get over that.

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