Thursday, February 28, 2013

Moving Orb

This is the video my friend sent me. The orb looks small here, but she said that in another part of their surveillance video it took up a whole doorway.

They were kind of spooked because their neighbor died a year or two ago and was featured on the Lisa Williams show.

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Power lines, Ghosts, and Doppelgangers

One of my relatives, I’ll call him Will, told me something that happened to him a couple of years ago. He was walking by an area where he saw a worker for the electric company up in the metal bucket that lifts people up to work on the lines. A live wire snapped and started falling toward the guy who looked to be Latino. The guy jumped out of the bucket. The line whipped down and touched the guy as he was falling. His clothes blew off of him and his body turned black. Will called 911. He said he could feel the electricity through the cement.

The supervisor had a second guy go up, a white guy. The line hit the bucket and the guy fell down in the bucket. His insides were split open and I think Will said he was convulsing. I’m not sure about the convulsing part. Will said there was a 3rd guy up there leaning over the white guy. He said, “He looked so much like the guy that they could’ve been brothers. They were wearing the same exact thing with the two pockets in the front.”

I said maybe it was his doppelganger. Will didn’t know what a doppelganger was and I told him that it was the same person. I said, “Usually if you see a doppelganger of yourself that means you’re going to die.” His eyes got wide and he said he saw a doppelganger of himself that same day when he was on the phone with his supervisor. His doppelganger looked thinner and younger that he was. The doppelganger said, “I’m you.” Will couldn’t talk to the doppelganger because he was on the phone with his boss. He didn’t know what the guy was or what he wanted. The doppelganger then started yelling at someone behind Will and began to fight with him. Then the doppelganger ran down the street. It sounds really weird and maybe I’m getting the details wrong because the story was fragmented when it was told to me.

At some point, two guys in suits came out from behind a truck Will was standing next to. I don’t remember what they were asking Will about, but Will’s doppelganger seemed to have come from the same area.

Now getting back to the white guy up in the bucket, I realized later, after getting more details of the story, that it wasn’t the guy’s doppelganger leaning over him. I think the guy died and it was his soul/ghost looking at himself. Although Will said the ghost looked solid like a living person, he couldn’t have been a real person because he jumped down from the bucket without getting hurt. Will tried to take a video of him with his cameraphone, but the guy told him not to film him or “I’ll kill you” are the ghost’s exact words. I asked Will if anyone else saw the guy and he said, “Yeah. There was a cop there by that time and he saw the guy jump down from the bucket, too.” Will said that the cop said, “Don’t go near him. He’s a demon.”

At some point, Will got back into his truck and called his boss again. His pen exploded in his hand and the buttons on his shirt fell off even though they were not metal. He blacked out and woke up in the hospital. When he was in the truck, he said he could still feel the electrical charge from the power lines.

I told him about how Dannion Brinkley got struck by lightning and his skin turned black. He was blasted backwards down the hall and his shoes came off. The nails in his shoes melted and fused to the ground. After that he was able to read minds and see things that had been there years ago like horse drawn carriages and such.

Will was surprised when I told him this and said something similar happened to him right after the incident with the power lines. At work he said it was more crowded and he later realized that some of those people were ghosts, but they looked solid like living people. He would also know things before they happened. It was strongest during the two days after the power line incident. He gets it off and on now. Some sort of psychic ability runs in our side of the family, so maybe the electricity heightened it.

Will said the same power line snapped again later. I told him that maybe that area was haunted. It dawned on him that he was in the same area a year later when the line snapped again. He was standing right under the lines when a voice told him to go somewhere else and come back later. He continued on his route and came back later to find that the line had snapped and had fallen right on the spot where he would’ve been standing had he not listened to the voice. That voice saved his life.

I think it freaked him out when he realized, as he was talking to me, that it was exactly a year after the first accident.

Man-sized Glowing Orb

My friend, I’ll call her Misty, called me yesterday and told me that something woke her up at 3:30am. She went to the living room and felt compelled to turn on the TV to watch their video surveillance from the cameras set up outside their house. A huge orange glowing figure or orb floated over their neighbor’s house and appeared to “walk” between their houses. It bobbed as if it was a person walking. She said it was the size of a doorway. It wasn’t a bug because they were used to seeing bugs on the camera and this was different. The glowing figure walked through the wall leading to her son’s bedroom. Upon inspection of the bedroom, the figure was not found.

She was freaked out by this and as we were talking on the phone, a bird started pecking at her office window trying to get in. That freaked her out even more because that same bird has been appearing off and on at their office window for over a month. It even followed her boss home and tried to get into his house. Someone told her that it was a bad omen or bad luck so she doesn’t want to let the bird into the office or get near it.

I have no idea what to make of the bird, but I do remember a caller to Coast to Coast AM saying that when he was a kid, he found a frog by the river and when he brought it into his grandmother’s house, it turned into a bird. His relatives freaked out and had the house blessed.

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Bookmarks & Business Cards

For promotional purposes, I had bookmarks made up via Info for my YA novel was printed on the front and info for my short story was printed on the back. The bookmarks are thick with a glossy surface which I like, but the backside short story was off-center. On the web site, it's hard to tell how much off center it'll look, so it's best to have an image that goes all the way up to the bleed edges. I didn't want the text "La Claire Fontaine" to be cut off, so I couldn't set the image next to the bleed lines. Some people don't notice unless you point it out, but this is a lesson I will take with me for the next set of bookmarks I have printed.
I had a business/personal card made up with I've used them before for other cards and haven't had a problem with them. The background color is a darker pink than what I saw on my computer screen, but I already figured that was going to happen. Either the web site states that the colors will be darker or someone stated it in a review. I don't remember where I read it, but you should keep that in mind for any site you want to use for printing business cards.
For nicer looking cards, I'm sure would be better, but for the same price you get less than half the amount you would get with Vistaprint. I was debating on which one to use, but went with quantity instead of quality for these first cards because I wasn't using one of my nicer drawings and was planning on giving out more than the 50 that Moo was offering.
You can get nice rounded edges with the Moo cards and probably richer colors. I might go with them in the future if I have a really nice design drawn out.
If you don't draw, they have design templates you can use.

Saturday, February 9, 2013

Ingo Swann

Wow, I just went to Linda Mouton Howe’s web site and found out that Ingo Swann died on Jan. 31, 2013 just a little over a week ago. He’s the one who taught a lot of people how to remote view. He’s the father of remote viewing. I’ve wanted to learn how to remote view for some time now, but haven’t had the time to really focus on it. I tried to practice it years ago and it was weird how I got some things right, but it was really vague. Maybe with practice I could see things more clearly.

George Noory seems to be remarkably good at remote viewing unless he’s just playing another one of his jokes.

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Thumbnails for Children's Book

I wrote a children's picture book and am in the process of working out the style, expressions and colors. Above are some of the ideas I came up with last night. I want a scratchy look, so I plan on using ink and colored pencil. I was going to use watercolor, but as of right now I'm abandoning that idea. That may change later. I have a feeling I'm going to have to go through a lot of drawings before I achieve the look I want.
Below is my preliminary drawing for the second panel. I'm still not done with it.