Thursday, January 17, 2013

Supernatural Image on TV

My sons were playing in the living room one day with my husband asleep on the couch. I went to the back room to write. Later the kids came to visit me. As we were playing a game on my iPod, we heard my husband yelling in the living room. He was having a nightmare.

That night, my older son had the worst stomach ache of his life. He had already emptied himself which wasn't much, and was still crying in pain for a long time. The rest of us were not sick, so it wasn't food poisoning. I thought it was odd that he had such a bad stomach ache because we eat pretty healthy.

The next day, my older son who has been sensitive to supernatural things all his life, told me that he had seen a man on the TV when they had been playing in the living room the previous day. After much questioning, I found out that the TV was off and the man on the TV looked like a chef. The image lasted only a few seconds, but he got a good description of it. He told his younger brother to look, but by the time he did the image was gone. My younger son has never had any supernatural experiences, so it's no wonder he didn't see anything.

I believe there was a ghost in the living room that day when the boys were in there and my husband was sleeping. After the kids left the room, I think the ghost attacked my husband and gave him the nightmare. The same entity may have given my son the stomach ache. He has had an upset stomach before when we were visiting a house I believe was haunted.

I told him to draw what he saw. Below is his drawing. The handwriting is my description of what he told me. If you can't read my writing, these are the details he gave me:

Handlebar mustache, smiling so much his eyes were squinting, light skin, (in my own opinion his description sounds like Chef Boyardee), wore white uniform, had 3 yellow buttons on his coat, no bandana around his neck, carrying a platter of what looks like spaghetti with just 1 meatball, carrying a bowl of brown soup with paper thin green squiggly lines and white floating squares in it. To me it sounds like miso soup, but maybe Italians have a similar soup. I don't know.

Maybe the guy died nearby or something. He could've been a cook or a chef that cooked various types of food, Italian and Asian or whatever. Regardless, I blessed the house immediately and we haven't had anymore problems.


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