Monday, January 21, 2013

Joshua P. Warren

I love listening to Joshua P. Warren on Coast to Coast AM and Darkness Radio. He usually has interesting experiences to talk about and paranormal devices he has made or discovered, like the Devil’s Toybox. It’s a box with mirrors on the inside of it facing each other that is supposed to be some sort of portal for entities to come into our world. He set up a microphone in or next to it and recorded growling and grunting sounds coming from the box when no one was around.

The most recent memorable anecdote he shared was about a woman that went with him and his team on a paranormal investigation of a haunted location. An entity followed her home. She called one of the researchers that night to say she was really scared. The next day she was found dead in her home. I think Joshua said there was no clear cause of death. Scary stuff.

He also spent the night alone in a haunted motel that was remote and abandoned. The paranormal crew had left and there was no electricity to the building. I believe his flashlight died and while he tried to sleep, something kept banging on the wall at the head of his bed. If I remember correctly, he felt something in the room with him, but he stayed. Now that’s one brave dude.

He used to hold an annual contest where people were challenged to create a believable UFO that people had to try to debunk. I don’t know if he still holds it, but if you’re an engineer or someone that likes to tinker in that sort of stuff, it sounds like something fun to participate in.
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