Sunday, January 13, 2013

Darkness Radio Podcast

My favorite paranormal podcast is Darkness Radio hosted by Dave Shrader, Tim Dennis, and Mallie Fox. They are based in Minnesota and are on nightly for 2 hours. In their area, they are on just before Coast to Coast AM.

They have great guests and talk about black-eyed kids, shadow people, ghosts, demons, haunted places, cryptozoology, and other interesting paranormal topics.

What I like about them is that not only do they cover scary topics, they add humor to it. They have a news section once a week where they cover paranormal stories from around the world. It's funny when they can’t pronounce the foreign (and sometimes domestic) names of these people and places. Sometimes they just make up the sounds of these names and put on an accent to make it sound authentic. They are hilarious.

Dave and Tim are both bald and rotund, and often poke fun at themselves. I find them to be the funniest guys in paranormal talk radio. Some of the things they say come out of left field, totally unexpected. Mallie is cracking up half the time. Mallie is a beautiful blonde who Tim shamelessly flirts with on the air. If you go to their website you’ll see what they all look like.

Dave has seven kids and jokes about having so many, but he’s an all-around good guy who has had several interesting paranormal experiences.

Tim moonlights as a ring announcer for pro wrestling, so they will sometimes throw out wrestling references and plug upcoming events. When Dave couldn't pronounce the name of the cryptid from India, he called it El Elephanto. Tim joked that that was his wrestling name. lol

You don't have to believe everything they talk about, but it's entertaining talk radio.

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