Friday, January 25, 2013

Createspace ISBN

Well, I really screwed up on the ISBN. I wasn’t clear on the rules and didn’t get the free Createspace ISBN which would allow my book to be ordered by libraries. I paid for the $10 ISBN, but from my understanding, I can get my physical book (not the ebook) on other web sites like Barnes and Noble.

My ebook can only be sold on which is what I agreed upon when choosing the Select version on Amazon KDP/Kindle Direct Publishing.

Since my book is a teen book, I wanted to get it into libraries, but oh well. Lesson learned.

I guess Barnes and Noble is a good trade-off.

I plan on writing and illustrating children’s books which would be better to get into libraries.


  1. So an ISBN for libraries is free, but if you pay for one, libraries aren't allowed order your book? How does that even make sense?


  2. I know, right? The Createspace ISBN is free, but only allows me to sell my book through them and Amazon. Libraries will be able to buy my book with that ISBN.

    I read that you have to write a letter to libraries to get them interested in buying your book if they don't discover it on their own. If you donate your book to their book bin, it will usually just get sold in their book sale and not stocked on their shelves.