Thursday, January 10, 2013

Bigfoot Tonight Podcast

I am a big fan of podcasts. I listen to them every day to learn things about the paranormal, writing, and foreign languages such as French and Danish.

One of the podcasts I like to listen to is Bigfoot Tonight with hosts Chuck and Stacey. They sound like nice, laid back, down-to-earth guys, and they don't mean to be funny, but I think they're hilarious.
Chuck can be grouchy sometimes, but these guys are so polite that they will stop talking at the same time to let the other person or guests speak, creating dead air, then everyone will speak at the same time. You can’t hear what they are saying because 3 or 4 people will be talking all at once. Then they’ll all shut up again then start talking at the same time again sometimes yelling over each other. Around and around they go, doing this several times. It’s quite funny.

The funniest show of all was when they had a guest named Don on who couldn’t hear most of the questions asked him. Don was bit by a poisonous snake a couple of years ago which left him with only 10% of his hearing. His stories were interesting, but he talked on and on without stopping because he couldn’t hear anyone asking him questions. They kept yelling, “Don! Don! Can you hear us? Don! Stop! Don!” Poor Don. I felt sorry for him, but it sure was funny.

I love listening to that show and I wish they were on more often. Bigfoot Tonight has become one of my favorite podcasts. You can find it free on iTunes and probably the Stitcher Radio app on iPhone/iPod as well.

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