Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Water Heater, Dog Poop, and Other Ways the Universe Tries To Stop Me

As I sit down to work on the cover art for my book today, the pest control guy arrives without his usual notice. I had not even worked 5 minutes on the drawing. While he’s in the back yard, he notices our water heater is spewing hot water and steam. Fabulous. I was hoping it was normal, but it wasn’t. My uncle comes over to fix it.

Before I can get back to my drawing, there is an awful smell coming from the dog. She somehow has gotten poop under her chin and it got on the couch cushion. My husband washes the dog since I just washed her two days ago, and I wash the cushion. I also scrub the tub to get rid of the dog germs. More time taken away from working on my book.
I finally get to the drawing while my husband goes to the store. He proceeds to text me while he’s out, preventing me from drawing. He's trying on Christmas hats to see which one he should get. I like the cute green one, but he goes with the reindeer trucker hat. In the process, he forgets to come back to pick the kids up from school. I rush over to the school with a messed up knee that I blew out two weeks ago from Brazilian Jiu Jitsu class, bringing the dog with me because I don’t want her to trip our burglar alarm.
When I get my kids, I see my cousin’s son where I don’t think he should be. I question him, but he acts like there’s nothing wrong. Thinking this unusual, I call my cousin on the way home. She confirms he should not be there, so I double back and he’s now gone. I walk back to the front gate and spot him, but he runs from me because he’s afraid of the dog. My son holds the dog while I give the phone to my cousin’s son so she can scold him. See? I told you your mom is my cousin. Never mind that we look like sisters. I guess it didn’t occur to him that I would call her. Hee hee. Now he'll probably think of me as the snitch lady.

It’s like the Powers That Be aim to put stuff in my path to make it harder for me to find time to focus on writing. I feel like every day it’s something different and by the time I get around to writing I’m exhausted.

Tonight I just skipped the gym and by the grace of God, I was able to finish the drawing for my book.
On the upside, maybe I can use some of these experiences in a novel some day.

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