Saturday, December 22, 2012

Craig Wilson, Columnist

I recommend reading Craig Wilson’s column the Final Word in USA Today. If you don’t know who Craig Wilson is, he has been a writer for USA Today for over 25 years. You have to be a good writer to last that long on an established newspaper.

He writes about everyday things, but somehow makes these things interesting.

I looked forward to reading his column every week when I was working in an office that actually got a physical newspaper delivered daily. His articles aren’t necessarily “important” per se, but I found myself smiling at the end of each one. It’s almost like the Seinfeld show where it’s about nothing, but somehow draws people in.

 His advice for writing an interesting article is:

1. Include humor

2. Write how you speak

3. Find a topic that is universal, something everyone can relate to

4. Write short articles

5. Read your writing aloud

6. Walk away from it then come back to it later

7. Put a zinger at the end

It’s simple, practical advice, yet not as easy as it sounds. I hope I can apply these tips to my blog posts.

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