Wednesday, December 5, 2012

About Writing Romance

I’ve discovered that writing a romance novel is harder than it seems.  I chose to write a teen romance for my first novel because I thought it would be the simplest. I didn’t want to get discouraged by writing a more difficult novel like a time travel story that I had attempted years ago and abandoned because it got away from me. Trying to conjure romantic feelings in your reader isn’t easy.
Before I started writing my novel I was thinking that most romance novels really weren’t that romantic. I don’t know about the book, but am I the only one who thinks The Notebook movie wasn’t romantic at all? For me, romance novels were missing something and I was disappointed that they weren’t more romantic. I was sure I could do better. Now I have a whole new respect for writers who can pull it off and for those that even try.

 I wrote a list of shows and books I thought were romantic and shot for the same feelings I got from them. Boys Over Flowers (Korean Drama), Twilight (book), Anna and the French Kiss (book),  Escaflowne (Anime). I will shoot for writing that level of romance each time and if I can get it that will be so awesome!

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