Friday, November 16, 2012

Write a Novel - National Novel Writing Month

Do you want to write a novel? National Novel Writing Month is going on right now. It's a great motivator to get you to write that first draft of your novel. We're already 16 days into it right now which is probably too late for you to catch up to reach your goal of 50,000 words by the last day of this month. However, if you type fast and have the time to write, go for it!

Don't worry about typos, grammar, or making your text sound nice. Just get it out there. You can worry about all the other stuff in the editing process after NNWM is over. Don't delete your errors. Keep it for your word count. It counts as writing. You never know if you're going to end up using it for your novel later.

I am not participating this month because I already started 2 novels in June and August of this year for the summer version of NNWM. Each will take me at least a year to write. Most likely more than a year each because they are more complicated than my first novel I did for NNWM last year.

NNWM only happens once a year in November. Camp NNWM is in June and August. The summer version is different than the actual NNWM. It's less formal, you're in a "cabin" with 4-5 other people to cheer each other on, and there is less forum activity than with NNWM. You also don't get inspirational emails and videos from the staff during CNNWM. For NNWM, you can join groups that write together at places near you like at coffee shops and such. That way you can meet other writers and give each other tips and encouragement.

Get to it!

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