Friday, November 16, 2012

Getting Rid of Ghosts

I love all things paranormal and listen to paranormal podcasts every day. My favorites are Darkness Radio (the host Dave Shrader is hilarious), Coast to Coast AM (I've been listening since the early 90s. I miss Art Bell. George Noory is annoying at times, but the open line callers are great), and Bigfoot Tonight (Chuck and Stacy are funny although I'm sure they don't mean to be).

I've learned a lot from these shows. One useful thing is how to bless my house. Rosemary Ellen Guiley, the real Ghost Whisperer, says 80% of houses have ghosts that wander in and out of them. When things start to go wrong, i.e., arguments, accidents, electrical and plumbing problems, people see ghosts in our house, or when people visit our house, I sage the house to cleanse it of negative energy just in case. I use white sage and say the Lord's Prayer in every room in the house. I also grow white sage in the back yard because smudge sticks are not as cheap as I'd prefer.

A friend of mine told me she was having nightmares every night or every other night of an old lady walking around her bed and screaming at her. My friend would pound on the walls to call for help and get away from the lady. To me it sounded like a ghost trying to get at her rather than a regular nightmare. I gave her a smudge stick and told her what to do. Her mother was skeptical that it would work. Maybe she thought I was a witch, but I'm not. Ever since she blessed the house like I told her to, she hasn't had that nightmare again. It has been several months now and my friend is no longer afraid to go to sleep. It's nice to hear that the blessing actually worked.

Another friend of mine has 7 ghosts in her house, a shadow person in the backyard, and possibly a demon in the house as well. I also told her how to bless her house, but told her it would only get rid of the ghosts, not the other entities. She blessed her house the other day and so far so good. A few scary incidents had happened up to this point and was getting more frequent causing me to urge her to bless her house right away. She didn't do it for 3 weeks after I gave her the sage until the activity got worse. Witches were practicing black magic next door and I think it caused these entities to enter her house. There was a mirror in the fireplace which they removed. I don't know what the significance of that is. If you do, feel free to email me about it.

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