Wednesday, November 23, 2011

46,000+ words in

I have 4,000 words to go, but I'm coming down with a cold and Thanksgiving is tomorrow!!!  I stayed up until 4am and wasn't happy with what I wrote. 

I have no idea how it's going to end.  I have to come up with something dynamic.  Maybe something will come to me while I'm trying to sleep my cold away. 

I have to get up early to cook.  It figures I would get sick the week I decide not to go to the gym.  I was trying to avoid contact with people so I wouldn't get sick!

My characters are teens so I downloaded a bunch of teen pop/love songs yesterday to get in the teen state of mind.  I've found I really like Justin Bieber's songs!  Ha!  Who knew?  What's with all the synthesizers or all that "stuff" in the background these days?  I just want to hear the voice.  All that junk can ruin the song.

The best of luck to my fellow writers.  We're coming up on the finish line!  Have a great Thanksgiving!

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